An ongoing series combining the wild theatrics of politics
with the real world of Hollywood TV and film.




Co-Creator along with Adam Grant and David McDonald.
A Pop-Up, Float-Down eatery where pre-ordered
toasted jaffles are delivered to customers via parachute.

In June of 2014 Jafflechutes held events in New York and
Montreal after a successful crowdfunding campaign through Pozible.

See above video : Motion Graphics/Edited by Huw Parkinson,
made in collaboration with Adam Grant.

Music - '4 Little Joeys' by the wonderful Kiiiiiii.


Photos from the MCG shared online are run through scanners, lasers
and several other scientific gizmos to reveal the various monsters
that inhabit the hallowed sports ground.


As part of the Father Bob Sings for a Million Pozible campaign over
April and May of 2014, Bob Maguire recorded a version of 'Jesus Walks'
by Kanye (Yeezy) West. The music video was shot by Stuart Liddell
and Directed/Edited by Huw Parkinson.

The successful campaign raised over $50,000 for
the Father Bob Maguire Foundation.

A sample of previous animation works from between 2006-2014.